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  • Our Thematic Multi-grade Classrooms

    Grades 1-8 are organized into two groups based on their individual needs. The instruction is thematic. This means that one theme runs through all subject areas of learning. The themes are selected and based in the nationally recognized Adventist Standards.

    Reading and Math Groups are designed to help the student master skills outlined in their specific grade’s standards of learning. Our teachers use the Whole Brain approach which is an interactive learning style. Units of study are designed using the Understanding by Design model, which focuses on learning outcomes and practical application. Our teachers believe that true education harmoniously develops the child physically, mentally, and spiritually.


    Each month our students are given opportunity to serve in the local community. We strive to nurture the whole child. Part of this plan teaches them that serving others brings fulfillment and joy. It honors God and our neighbors.

    • Visiting people in Assisted Living Centers
    • Yard Maintenance
    • Singing for local organizations
    • Collecting food, household materials, and clothing for the local Community Service Center
    • Sharing Jesus’ love and our hope in His soon return


    Each year student progress is measured using the nationally norm Iowa Test of Basic Skill (ITBS). The tests are administered in the fall of each year, not at the end of the school years. The results help our teaching staff create a learning plan that meets the child’s individual needs. The test measures student growth annually and creates a baseline for progress monitoring throughout the year. Our teachers meet personally and regularly with parents to discuss their child’s progress.

    Personal Note

    This year’s theme is “The Family of God.” We will celebrate our learning with special academic days throughout our school year, every student will participate. Parents are invited to participate with their child in a Family Academic day this November (Check our calendar for dates).

    This year we will study:

    • Christ’s Character and Following Gods example in the way we live our life
    • World History (gr. 5-8)
    • Government, Citizens, Economics and United States Geography (gr. K-4)
    • Classification of living organisms
    • Body Systems
    • Energy
    • Meteorology
    • Oceanography

    Your Teachers,

    Mr. Ramey, Mrs. Nicholson, and Mrs. Seefong

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