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God-Centered Christian Education

  • In case you haven’t noticed, our families are living in what some may describe a “chaotic and dangerous” world.

    And while that may be true, we are thankful and privileged to have a safe haven in the midst of the turmoil that goes on around us every day. That safe haven is called Christian Education; we call it Silver Creek Adventist School. The church school alone is a blessing and a benefit to families looking for something different…on purpose. But as an extra bonus, our church school works cohesively with our local church and the families that make up our church body to help the children and staff grow and to watch various programs that operate in our local church flourish.

    The Morganton Seventh-day Adventist Church and school work together to show children Jesus and grow their relationship with Him. In addition, a strong educational emphasis assist in helping our young people develop life skills and critical thinking application.

    As our children are learning valuable spiritual, social, educational and physical concepts in the classroom our church is praying along side with them. We want them to succeed in all these areas so they can be empowered and equipped to serve right here in our local church as well as the community that surrounds them.

    Many of our SCAS students join the church in programs that reach out to the elderly through nursing home visits, delivering food to the needy, and helping with projects in homes.

    We want to prepare these students to experience joy in serving Jesus right now and when they grow up to be adults as well. As the pastor of the Morganton Seventh-day Adventist church, I am encouraged as we work together in connection with SCAS to build a better tomorrow!

    Blessings and Prayers,
    Pastor Rick Mercer

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